KopooS Consulting Ind

KCI is a start-up company with two distinct purposes: Software and Consulting.

KopooS Software has been created in order to help professional Engineers, Managers and Businessmen with their daily tasks and moreover to help them to present their work suitably and with precision. Many simulation tools and software are now available, some are free. High impact and productivity are now no longer reserved to specialists.

KopooS Consulting provides expertises and support to professional engineers, managers and organisations. Support in the areas of propulsion systems, electrical propulsion designs, chemical propulsion designs as well as missions analyses and system failure analyses.

Within software products distributed by KopooS, there are:>

  • EcosimPro®: The system's simulation code of the future based on very powerful symbolic and numerical methods (demo free).
  • TriaXOrbitaL: To compute and to show the Orbital trajectory of a satellite with or without perturbations, with or without thrust. (promotional free).
  • TriaXExcelPro: Visualisation tool for engineers (promotional free).
  • TdNTriaX: Plume computation tool (promotional free).


Relevant experience

KCi has worked before in related task for:

  • Work for Space Insurance Organisation, National space agency
  • Support to a Major Space Propulsion Company for the preparation of request for proposals
  • Work for a Simulation software company
  • Support to a Major Space Propulsion Company,presentations for workshops, for Technical  documentation update
  • Support to a Prime Satellite Company for many Technical tasks and expertises EC program HiPer partner