Nanospace AB


NanoSpace AB is a Swedish limited liability company, fully owned by Swedish Space Corporation, and founded in 2005. NANOSPACE is an innovative company with focus on MEMS-based (Micro-Electro- Mechanical Systems) products for space applications. NANOSPACE occupies about 10 people and spends about 1M€ per year on R&D activities with the aim to develop the following novel products: miniaturized cold gas propulsion system for satellites, miniaturized xenon flow control system for Ion engines, novel propellant gauging system for spacecraft, and a number of components such as valves, filters, sensors and other devices based on MEMS technology intended for space systems.

The first miniaturised MEMS-based propulsion system was successfully launched on the Prisma satellites in June 2010. NANOSPACE has an ever increasing patent portfolio and is certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

NANOSPACE vision is to be a recognized supplier of novel space qualified products based on innovative thinking and solid knowledge from both MEMS and space industry. NANOSPACE is part of the Swedish Space Corporation group with a track record including 30 years of space activities - development, manufacturing and operation of six satellites in earth orbit, more than 500 sounding rocket launches.


Relevant experience 

NANOSPACE has concluded one national space project and five ESA projects relevant for this project i.e.

  • Micropropulsion for Prisma Phase B, Phase C/D, Phase E/F (SNSB)
  • Micropropulsion Cold Gas Thrusters Phase 3 and 4 (ESA)
  • Micromechanical Xenon Feed System Phase 1 (ESA)
  • Methodology for Complex Micro-Propulsion Systems Space Validation (ESA)
  • High Accuracy Spacecraft Propellant Gauging Device using MEMS (ESA)
  • MEMS-based Electric Propulsion (ESA)

In addition four more ESA contracts has been won and is ongoing, or just to be kicked-off, together with two FP7-projects at the time of writing this project, i.e:

  • Experimental evaluation of MEMS-based micropropulsion for future missions (ESA)
  • Miniaturized xenon flow control system for mini-ion engines (ESA)
  • MEMS-based satellite propellant gauging system (ESA)
  • Medium deltaV, low power, low voltage, microthruster module breadboarding (ESA)
  • MEMS-based electric micropropulsion for small spacecraft to enable robotic space exploaration and space science, MicroThrust, GAN 263035 (FP7)
  • Electric SAIL propulsion technology  ESAIL (FP7)