Najera Aerospace S.L.

NASP is a small high-tech company with high adaptability and flexibility, involved in the development of innovative solutions for the aerospace, defense, energy and transport sectors. NASP was founded in 2008 as a result of an entrepreneur alliance between two experienced companies in the space and industrial sector respectively: GTD and JMP Ingenieros.

The Aerospace Sector is currently experiencing a transformation where highly innovative solutions and resources optimization become a key to succeed and to progress. NASP participates in this dynamics by offering systems with reduced weight as a way to optimize electrical power consumption. NASP is an expert in the design and development of advanced electronic systems, such as hybrid navigation systems, sensors, sensor networks, on-board control systems, embedded solutions, mixed signal complex solutions and special power management and consumption optimization systems.


Relevant experience 

NASP enjoys a large experience developing control and power electronics of industrial and space systems inherited from company partners GTD and JMP. It has experience in the design of control systems based on FPGA and low power, low weight and small dimensions solutions for the aerospace sector. Within the framework of the Aldebaran programme from the CNES, CDTI and DLR; NASP has designed and developed an intelligent power bus project demonstrator for the next generation of space launchers with premises like: low weight, low volume, low cost and high innovation. NASP has also participated within this programme to the design of an novel Hybrid Navigation system (GNSS + Inertial System), and the prototyping of an Spacewire bus demonstrator for launchers. Further collaboration with JMP in the design and development of energy efficiency management and metering solutions, with focus on the power, control electronics and wireless communications.