JMP Ingenieros S.L.

JMP is currently a multifunctional engineering company aimed to provide support and contribute to those SMEs that lack an R&D department but need to develop new products or improve their manufacturing process through technology.

It was founded in 1992 by a team of professionals devoted to apply the most advanced technological solutions for the industrial sector.

Innovation is a fundamental issue of progress and today more than ever there is a good chance of making investment productive. Continuous investments both on technical equipment and qualified staff have provided our firm with the means to carry out worldwide projects in varied areas of leading-edge technology.

Relevant experience

JMP has been involved in the CNES and CDTI Aldebaran micro-launcher’s programme. In collaboration with NAJERA AEROSPACE, GTD and CNES, JMP has developed a full portfolio of around 100 breakthrough ideas classified under a Technology Matrix methodology during PHASE-0 of the programme. Some of these ideas come from technological transfers from the industrial sector to the space sector. In Phase-A, JMP has collaborated closely with NAJERA AEROSPACE to develop the Intelligent Avionics Power Bus demonstrator whose idea comes from the aforementioned technology matrix. In this project demonstrator, JMP has designed and developed the mechanical structure of the platform and has done an important task reducing the wiring and system harness.

Before Aldebaran, JMP designed and developed high frequency oscillators and high gain amplifiers over ceramic substrate for optimum power dissipation for satellite communication systems.

JMP Ingenieros is project coordinator due to its strong expertise in coordination and management under Research for SMEs programme and It has participated in some EU projects (IONMET, Project Reference:17697, FP6-SME; SAFEBUY, and Meatgrading Project Reference:17615, FP6-SME.