Consortium is composed by 6 partners (3 SME, 2 Industrial companies and 1 research institute).Diferents countries are addressed in this project, IPPLM from Poland, Mecartex for Switzerland, Nanospace from Sweden, KCI from France, and from Spain JMP Ingenieros and Najera Aerospace.

Each project partner is directly responsible for the design and manufacturing of each thruster subsystem or test facility components, in constistence with its area of expertise.


From left to rigth:

Yann Mabillard (MECARTEX), Pablo Ortiz (NASP), Stefano Bottinelli (MECARTEX), Pelle Rangsten (NANOSPACE), Jorge Remirez (NASP), Regina Laorden (JMP), Stefano (Project Officer), Javier Alonso (NASP), Ricardo Martin (JMP), Alvaro Peña (NASP), Eduardo Remirez (JMP), Jose Rios (JMP), Serge Barral (IPPLM), Jacek Kurzyna (IPPLM)


From left to rigth

Jacek Kurzyna (IPPLM), Javier Alonso (NASP), Yann Mabillard (MECARTEX), Luca Negrini (MECARTEX), Francisco García (JMP), Pelle Rangsten (NANOSPACE), Ricardo Martin (JMP), Christophe Koppel (KCI), Serge Barral (IPPLM), 



  • Nanospace AB is an innovative company with a focus on MEMS products for space applications.
  • Mecartex SA is a solution provider for high precision mechatronic applications.
  • IPPLM is a research institute with expertise in electric propulsion systems
  • KCI performs space environment and analysis for space systems.